10.5: Spreadsheet Designs II


I ♥ ASCII Codes

Yesterday Mr Turner (Mitch) showed me how to implement ASCII (pronounced ay-ess-ski) Codes.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange

This code is used by computers to turn numbers (which they understand) into text (which they don’t understand).


Main Course

Complete: Grid & designs 1-3

Make sure you’ve used…

  • At least 5 areas of data.
  • At least 2 Operators (+-*/)
  • At least 2 worksheet functions supplied with the software.
  • At least 2 functions of the software (SUM and IF).

Design 4 must show your formulae. You need to copy across your spreadsheet from Design 3, then goto Tools>Options>Tick the Formula box.


What ASCII Characters can you find? (Press Alt+Numpad Key)

Heart, Playing Card Symbols, Male, Female, Smileys, Musical Notes, Sun, Triangles and Arrows.