Year 7: Lesson 3

Identifying Relevant Information

Just because something is on a web page doesn’t mean it’s the…

  • Truth
  • Accurate
  • Unbiased

There are certain things we can look for when we use the internet to improve the quality of our work. 

Task 1) Find out what is on BBC2 this evening

Task 2) Find out your local 5-day forecast

Task 3) Go to and find out the titles of every Harry Potter novel

Search Engines: These look at an index of web pages and pick the one that best fits the key words you enter.

Task 4) Go to and search for the tower of London

Task 5) Now do an ‘exact phrase’ search

Task 6) Website analysis

Finish: Who can find me the title of the next Harry Potter book?


2 Responses to “Year 7: Lesson 3”

  1. robert olley Says:

    hi just doin hw wheres kittey cannon gorne?

  2. travis Says:

    nice teacher, cares about his students

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