Year 9: Lesson 4

Our questionnaires are sent, our data will soon be returning.

This lesson we will be looking at…


Systems Lifecycle (alpha test, beta test, gold v1.0, alpha patch v1.1, beta patch v1.1)

Identifying the Problem 

•          What do we want to find out?
•          Where will we get the information from?
•          What will the system need to do?
•          How will we know we have been successful?
•          What hardware and software will we use?

Processes involved in producing Webscape


4 Responses to “Year 9: Lesson 4”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hello everyone!

  2. ABZ Says:

    heya sir gud site lol its bit confusin tho lol cya soon abzxXx

  3. burchy Says:

    hello sir, i lhave enjoyed the first part of your lesson so far, i forgot my bags, lol, why do you want to be a teacher for?

  4. bill henery Says:

    hello morton is a mop

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