Year 10: Lesson 2 II

By the end of the lesson you’ll need the following completed: Identifying the problem

  • Describe yourself within the context of the problem
  • Specify the problem
  • Type and Name of the software you have chosen e.g Presentation Software, Powerpoint
  • Explain why you have chosen it (refer to chart)
  • List the other types and names of software available in school
  • Put in reasons why you chose one and not the others

Analysing the problem

  • Analysis of the Problem (Features of the software)
  • Inputs into the System (e.g Number of people going)
  • The Calculations you need to perform (e.g Calculate cost per person)
  • Outputs from the system (e.g total cost of trip)

Go on to sketching out a rough design of your spreadsheet.  


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