East Bergholt Hi

My name is Mr Chenery and i will be taking you for ICT till the end of June. For those of you that know Mr Kerampran, i am his replacement. 

I have certain expectations when i teach. If you fail to meet my expectations i will use the school punishment policies to manage your behaviour till it reaches my expectations.

Mr Chenery Rules


15 Responses to “East Bergholt Hi”

  1. mrchenery Says:

    Test 🙂

  2. Lily` Says:

    Hi like this web site better than the other one but maybe make the writting more bloder, clearer and bigger!! More PINK

  3. me Says:

    hi my name is. who my name is me my name is chica chica slim shady

  4. bob Says:


  5. me Says:

    hi duff wot u doin

  6. Jake Yr11 Says:

    Mr Chenery, I like what you are thinking, this blog is a very wise move.

    Got to make me Mod of this one though, that Jesus is a thing of the past.

    Up the New World Order

    Yr11 ICT Team

    P.S David Edgar gave me a 3 day network ban.

  7. mrchenery Says:

    Jake, if you want me to continue allowing you to post on these comments i suggest you start showing a little more respect. If i don’t have to moderate your posts you’ll be able to say more and vice versa.

    Regarding Mr Rachel (Jesus), I’m sure he’ll turn here sooner or later, he is rather omniscient, hence his nick.

  8. Jake Yr11 Says:

    What, behave mate. Its a blog man chill. Its not like you can block me now is it.

  9. mrchenery Says:

    I’d never block your concise witty commentary Jake. I would just prefer if you referred to me as Mr Chenery and you stopped referring to my pupils in an ignorant, stereotypical manner. I understand the humour in your posts, i just don’t think it’s appropriate on a publicly viewed teaching resource.

    Hope your course is going well and you are looking after Mr Pipe.

  10. Gemma Says:

    This website confuses me. I can’t find anything. And when i do find something, i can’t be sure its the right thing. It needs re-arranging i think. Needs to be more user friendly. And colourful. I like colour XD. Anyway, homework has become near impossible as i can’t be sure i’ve found the right thing and what i did find i don’t understand in the slightest. Oh well. I’ll keep searching, though i doubt it will help me.

  11. jimbobjo Says:

    hi waz up

  12. hello Says:

    hello i am in ur lesson now n it is borin 😦
    hi jimbob

  13. jimbobjo Says:

    😛 hi wat up

  14. hello Says:

    u iyT? jimbob my namez ash wb xxxx

  15. mr cheez Says:


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